Monday, 22 July 2013

Why does point to

I first wrote this on 1st December 2012 on the sourceforge blog

Whilst we were trying to raise the funds to purchase our domain and hosting facility the administrator of the webERP project +Phil Daintree  decided he would use his money to take the domain for himself to prevent us from using it for our project. He then decided to set it to point to his own project. This appears to be his idea of building his project rather than actively developing it and we consider that his behaviour more than justifies our reasons for this fork. Fortunately a donor has stepped in and provided the funds to purchase the domain. We are very grateful to this benefactor who wishes not to be named here. Phil has claimed he was acting on behalf of the developers of webERP but we have yet to meet any who were consulted.

I am not sure why +Phil Daintree is being so nasty to me and my friends. Possibly he is just being racist.

Amendment (2/12/2012): We now notice that +Phil Daintree  has changed this to point to a page of his regarding a vendetta he is waging against one of the webERP developers, information that he has privately stated to be untrue but still continues to host on a kwamoja website. We wish it to be known that we want no part in his vendettas and do not wish to be associated with it. If  +Phil Daintree  wishes to concentrate on his vendettas then so be it, we wish to concentrate on the code and making it better.

Martha Njeri