Monday, 22 July 2013

New KwaMoja login page

We now have a new smart looking login page for KwaMoja, which looks as follows:
At the top of the screen there is the KwaMoja logo, and this also forms a link to our project home page.

Next you have your login details. If selected in your config.php file, the company selection box can be just a text box to fill in the name of the comapny, rather than a drop down list.

If KwaMoja is in demo mode then next up comes the demo user id and password.

On the right of the login screen we have put various links.

Firstly there are links to three of the development sites we use, at and

Clicking on these links will take you to the particular KwaMoja page on thatsite.

Lastly comes the social media links. These provide links to our pages on social media sites, and to our twitter feed.

I hope you will agree that the sign on page is now much better looking and becomes a feature of KwaMoja.

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