Monday, 22 July 2013

Hypocrisy and Anonymity

I did this first on 9th December in the sourceforge blog.

+Phil Daintree has made an issue of the identity of the person who donated the money to our project to enable us to purchase the domain name after +Phil Daintree had sneaked in and purchased This was caused by my writing in this blog and on our web site that "We are very grateful to this benefactor who wishes not to be named here".

The name was never a secret, anybody could do as +Phil Daintree  did and look at the whois entry for that domain, where it clearly states that +Tim Schofield is the owner. The reason I said this on the web site and on my blog was that Tim had said in a private email " mentioning my name, it may distract attention from the great work you guys have been doing on the KwaMoja project, and I wouldn't like this to happen...". It was for this reason that I didn't mention him by name. Tim has given me permission to write this entry to clear up these matters. On +Phil Daintree  rant that can be seen at he seems obsessed by the fact that Tim was trying to pretend he hadn't paid this money, and was somehow trying to hide something, he wasn't and isn't.

I find his obsession with this a little strange as he has tried to hide his identity on the very domain he publishes his rant on, preferring to hide behind "the developers of webERP". I wonder how many of those developers were consulted about what he was doing in there name - Hypocrisy of the worst kind!

Martha Njeri

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